Fall Bucket List & Goals

I want to say that fall is my favorite season but I think I say that about every season, lol. I do love all the beautiful colors and scents that fall brings plus the feeling of warmth and coziness in the home sooo maybe it is my favorite?

For this new coming season I wanted to do something new, besides writing out a bucket list I thought it would be cool to share my goals with you guys, too.

This fall I plan to do a lot and hopefully can accomplish all, or almost all, of the following (in no specific order):

  1. As cliche as it is I want to go to a pumpkin patch! There’s actually two places I’d love to go to this year and they are Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, MD and Summers Farm in Frederick, MD. They have great pumpkin patches but also have hayrides, mazes, animals, and much more family fun!
  2. Go apple picking. I’ve never been apple picking so I really want to do it for the experience and I’m sure the kids will have fun, too!
  3. Make a desert out of the apples we pick! Not sure if it should be pie or crumb cake? Hmm…
  4. Attend OktoberFest! So there’s tons of festivals in different towns near our area so I definitely want to try and go to as many as possible. There’s always a lot for the kids to do and the whole family ends up having a good time.
  5. Go to NJ. Every fall I try to go visit my family. It’s such a fun time of year that I love to experience with them, too.
  6. Make chili! I’ve been wanting to make some for a while now and I think fall would be the perfect time.
  7. It’s football season! So a must is to watch as much football as possible! GO PATS! Oops…
  8. Make huge piles of leaves to jump into! This is something my siblings and I loved doing so I definitely want to do it with the kids!
  9. We go trick-or-treating so on our list is definitely to attend as many Halloween events as possible. Last year we went to 4 or 5 different events. I’m always checking on Facebook to see what’s going on in our area
  10. Go on a hike! Besides getting some fresh, crisp air imagine how beautiful a fall hike is
  11. Get a new fall candle. Fall candles are my favorite!
  12. Make a trip to D.C. I’ve been in Maryland for a little over four years now and I haven’t been to D.C. in the fall. I imagine it’s beautiful with all the fall colors plus there’s always lots to do!
  13. Volunteer or give back somehow! This is the time of year where we all express our sense of gratitude more but it’s also when we tend to get a bit greedy with Christmas around the corner so I think it’s very important to find the time to volunteer or find a way to give back to the planet, to people in need, to animals- anyone or anything! Really this is something we should try our best to do all year. I’m guilty of not doing so but it’s definitely something I plan to work on!

Now for goals ( I guess #13 counts as a goal too?):

  1. Start reading again. I’ve always had a love for reading so I definitely want to get back into it. I have found a couple books that seem very promising and inspiring
  2. Wake up earlier. As a mom it’s really hard for me to find time for myself so I think waking up earlier than everyone else would be nice so I can just have “me time.” Drink some tea, have a nice workout, get ready without feeling rushed… Sounds heavenly almost haha
  3. Spend more time outdoors! I think with a lot of the things I put on the list it will have me spending much more time outdoors. Usually I’m really good with that, especially because the kids love being outside, but this last month I really slacked and I can see the huge difference it makes when we don’t go out, get some sun and fresh air
  4. Gratitude. During this time everyone talks about being thankful, feeling thankful, expressing your gratitude. It’s definitely something I want to practice a lot more so I can set a good example and make it a positive habit to have all year, not just now.

Hope all of you got some ideas from my lists and enjoy this coming fall!! What are fall things, traditions, that you guys do? I’d love to hear about them and maybe even try them out!


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