How I Include Vegetables In My Toddlers Diet

From the moment Gio started eating solids to a little after his first birthday he was a great eater. He wasn’t picky and would eat absolutely anything. Then one day it was a fight to get him to eat much at all. Most days were ok but not great. I’d get him to eat tiny bits here and there but other days were TERRIBLE. It got to a point where I needed to figure something out because he needed to have proper nutrients. He went through this stage until around his second birthday where we started bribing (with screen time, I know that’s not good but I’d rather my child have some screen time than not eat) and he started eating almost anything and everything. Of course we still have some days where he doesn’t want much but with the amount of energy this child of mine lets out each day he’s always hungry now.

Vegetables were something that we tended to keep struggling with. People say to add them to the childs plate then let them on their own come around to it but that would never happen here, lol. Others said to just try reintroducing it every few weeks but that didn’t work here either. People kept telling me I should have introduced him since he was a baby and I DID. He loved them at what point and suddenly he couldn’t even see them near his food. What is it with kids and vegetables? I mean, it makes me laugh how they cringe the moment they see something green.

SO I decided to start making smoothies. To every smoothie I would always add spinach or kale. Gio loved smoothies and it always brought me some peace of mind knowing that he was getting his veggie servings in, and he wasn’t even aware of it. I’d always make the smoothies with any kind of frozen fruit and almond milk to make it sweet!

Another trick I learned from a friend of mine was blending the vegetables into the food! I saw on her instagram stories blending veggies up then mixing it her child’s Mac n’ Cheese. She said it tasted exactly the same so I tried it out and Gio didn’t even notice the difference. I’ve seen different recipes from nuggets to pancakes to pizzas on Pinterest!

Soups! My toddler loves soups. Chicken noodle and sopa de res are his favorite, and both require veggies and he loves eating the veggies in soups. So when we noticed that we made a note to buy and make soup often!

Recently that Gio has been open to trying new foods I don’t necessarily feel the need to hide veggies. I just always try to make sure that his food has good amount of flavor and isn’t too dry, I mean, nobody likes flavorless and dry food. If he’s iffy about trying the vegetables at first I will give him lets say a piece of salmon with the broccoli together or mix it into his rice. Once he notices that he’s been eating it all along he’ll just eat it on his own.

I know meal times can sometimes be a big struggle with any age kiddos so don’t feel like you’re alone because trust me, you’re not!! Luckily there’s different things that can be done to make sure that our kids the proper nutrients that they need! Whatever works for you!

If you guys have any other tips and tricks please feel free to share!! I’m always open to new ideas 🙂

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