Potty Training My 3-year-old

Guys, Gio is potty trained! I am so proud of him and myself- the amount of patience I had… I deserve a pat on the back too, haha.

When Gio was about a year and a half I attempted potty training but quickly realized that he wasn’t ready. It was more timing him and teaching him when he thinks he should go to the bathroom rather than waiting for him to feel ready.

Then he turned two. I was determined he’d be potty trained in a matter of weeks, maybe a month, after his second birthday. We did everything to prepare him- went out to get new underwear (shark print, of course!), prepared a sticker chart, got a potty seat and a stool, bought pull-ups for nights, the whole shabang!

For a while he did ok. He’d pee, never pooped, but I knew it’d take time. Yet, he didn’t have control over his bladder. If he needed to pee he’d pee whenever and wherever he was. It was a bit frustrating but honestly, I sucked at being consistent with him and potty training. During that time I was trying to balance school and other schedules that it was a bit hard so staying home for even a week was tough and even when we finally did, it didn’t workout.

We kept trying again and again but eventually he also grew a fear of sitting on the toilet. He didn’t like it. A few months after his third birthday I was sitting with him in the bathroom because he needed to pee but he was holding it since he didn’t want to go sitting down (he learned bladder control by then). I figured he was tall enough to go standing up, so I stood him up and he went! He thought it was the funniest thing. After that he’s peed in the bathroom every time, except for one accident in the mall, but he’s done great!

He does have a slight fear of going #2 in the bathroom still but he goes- which is great because cleaning poop accidents really isn’t my favorite hobby, lol.

I felt like I had failed when Gio wasn’t trained by two. I felt pressure from others feeling that he had to be potty trained but it was hurting not only me, but him too. I could tell that he was getting just as stressed and just as frustrated, maybe even more. So we waited and there is nothing wrong with that! He went when his mind and body were ready, and now he’s a potty expert and I’m happy to no longer buy pull-ups.

Do things at your pace but most importantly your child’s pace- don’t compare, every child is different! It will eventually happen, promise.

Oh, and stickers and treats never hurt as a reward! lol xoxo, thanks for reading!

Update on potty training: We’ve had zero accidents! Gio has graduated and I am so happy lol The only issue we had for a while was that he wasn’t pooping regularly. He was going once a week and would struggle a lot which isn’t healthy. I got a little concerned but I made sure he ate enough fiber and got a multivitamin with probiotics and now he more often and doesn’t struggle. We also purchased a portable potty cover to take with us when we got out and about all day.

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