BOXYCHARM. Is It Worth It?

BOXYCHARM is a subscription box I contemplated becoming a part of for SO long. Every month I would go on YouTube and watch videos by KathleenLights or Kelly Strack to see what were the items in the box for the current month and every time I’d be so tempted to just subscribe to the box because the items, or most of the items, were always so good.

For the box you now pay $25 per month BUT the box is always valued AT LEAST $125 but I think some boxes have valued at almost $200! That’s such an amazing deal!! And the items are always highly sought out brands like DOSE of Colors, OFRA, Tarte, Iconic, Briogeo, Alamar Cosmetics, Becca, Cover FX, Dominique Cosmetics, Too Faced… Just to name a few!

This last month I caved and finally became a Charmer. The process was very simple and the quiz they have you take to match you best to a box and items is really well thought out!

For October they had a promo code to get an extra item in your box which was a Tarte palette, which are usually valued at $30+- this is such a nice everyday eye and face palatte, and it smells so nice!

So far my favorite products from the box have been the Glam Glow cleanser, it cleans myself so nice and doesn’t leave it feeling dry at all- does the complete opposite actually, and the Touch in Sol Glassy primer- my skin feels so moisturized after application and it leaves a nice glow on my skin getting it prepped for foundation.

Honestly, I really do think this box is worth the price and the hype. It is such a good deal for high end and high quality products, and it is a perfect way to try out a new brand, a new product, be introduced to makeup /skincare /haircare without breaking the bank!

Below is my referral link incase any of you beauties would love to try it 🙂 (no, this is in no way sponsored. I wish I was cool like that haha) You can try it out for one, two, ten months, however long you want, cancel when you want!

There are now new box levels that they offer for even more high quality products, for an additional price, which is perfectly explained on their site in case you are interested!!

I hope this was helpful for some of you 🙂 if you have any questions please leave it in the comments, DM me on my instagram, or check out the BOXYCHARM site! Thank you for reading xoxo

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